Initial designs!

You’ve waited long enough and I’ll keep this post short so you can get to the pictures! Here are some rough sketches of some ideas that I’m thinking about for my machine. 
As you can see I’m planning to create a professional level machine (quality/details/features) with some fresh ideas. Not being a manufacture has some benefits. I can include things that would be virtually impossible for a manufacture, like Stern to create (Manufacturing and  licensing costs).

(Click an image for fullsize) 

Factoids and notes: 

  • As of now my goal is to create a tribute of sorts to the old stadium. A lot of the design decisions are made with this in mind.
  •  Overall I want to stay away from the pitch and bat machines (except for the mini playfield)
  • The mini playfield will be a small scale of the new stadium.
  • The mini playfield will play like a ‘pitch-n-bat’ machine.
  • The rivalry mode is quite complex. I’m not sure if it will make it to the final machine.
  • Big Hurt‘ is the only comercially made baseball related machine — excluding pitch and bat machines.

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