Appcelerator Titanium vsdoc for Visual Studio (update)

Just a quick post to give you some of the updates I’ve made to the vsdoc since the last post.

New File: Ti-vsdoc (master – 5/14/11)


Added some VS intellisense hints — All titanium modules will now show up as namespaces. Titanium objects will now show up as classes.

New vsdoc now returns the titanium type. For example Ti.UI.createWindow() actually returns a Ti.UI.Window so you’ll get intellisense for the Ti window instead of a plain object.

A few fixes for invalid datatypes in the tdocs.

‘Aliased’ Titanium with Ti

Ti.UI.currentWindow returns null — due to the way VS intellisense works and when Ti.UI.Window is defined the type can’t be returned. Kinda screws things up.

That’s all. I haven’t created a pull request to get these fixes in the master. Hopefully I’ll get to that sometime next week.

Submitted a pull request.

Code merged into main project


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